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Saturday, May 09, 2009

A rusted Argentine gun on the Falklands

As Cintra kindly noted in a previous post, I wrote the cover story of a recent Monocle magazine on the economic opportunities in the Falkland Islands. We'll, I've written another Falklands story, this time on immigration on the Islands, for Enjoy.


Lillie Langtry said...

Fascinating, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the piece. Favorite lines were:

After all, I was in Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, which are a kind of superdistillate of Englishness in the same way that, say, Baghdad's Green Zone is an über-U.S.A. as designed by Burger King.

Every five years, the islands conduct a census with the Orwellian precision that is possible only on remote islands with a population of 2,478.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I don't think you've every actually been to the green zone-- at least not in the last couple of years. There's only a couple pockets of "USA" there. Camp Victory would be a much, much better metaphor.

I hate it when reality gets in the way of a good line.

Ian said...

Touché. You’re correct. I haven’t hung out in the Emerald City. Though I wouldn’t say I prized a good line over reality. From what I know of the Green Zone (secondhand, admittedly), is that the place is permeated by American culture—BBQs, jogging, American movie nights, etc. Of course, the architecture is Iraqi and there are, I’ve gathered, a bunch of non-gringos there. So I’ll admit that Camp Victory, with its prefab construction and USO tours, is a more complete metaphor. But I don’t think the Green Zone is totally off the mark.

Victoria said...

Interesting. Are you currently in Argentina? I would suggest you don't call these islands "Falks" in public.

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